The Journey

Urmi Foundation was founded in 2011 with an aim to work for children with developmental disability. It became a registered NGO in 2012 and in order to start its journey, intense research and analysis was carried out in order to understand the social, economical, and cultural context of children with development disabilities and their families. The research unveiled that more than 60% such special children lacked schooling facilities and their families weren’t aware of the adverse consequences that would follow if these children weren’t provided proper care.


"Urmi Foundation works with the special children around different communities in Mumbai."

Urmi Foundation works with the identified special children around different communities in Mumbai and provides academic and social skills through its curriculum. Various programmes are implemented with Mumbai Municipal Corporation - special schools and community schools founded by Urmi working closely with special children and their parents. The ultimate objective is to uplift social and academic condition of the special children by creating inclusive and adaptive environment.



Team Urmi

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Sonalee Shyamsunder



Sonalee Shyamsunder is a Political Science graduate from Ruia College. Her inquisitive nature coupled with a desire to know social realities resulted in her Masters degree from Mumbai University followed by a diploma in human rights. Sonalee then undertook her personal journey of finding solutions to the various existing social challenges by her professional choices. She worked as a reporter with print media and with various non governmental organizations. Sonalee Founded Urmi foundation in 2011 and has not looked back since. Her honest intention to serve the developmentally disabled was seeded in her during a trip to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is the land where the developmentally disabled are viewed as an opportunity to serve the divine. Sonalee came back with high spirits and a firm decision to make a difference to the lives of many affected by the decision to close down BMC schools. Since 2011 Sonalee and her team have reached out to as many people as possible and have left a significant impact on their lives.


Suvarna Tambe-Gamare  

Project Head BMC school 

Gauri Salaskar 

Project head Community School

Sangeeta Patel 

Project Head Mental Health  



Lokesh karekar
Sameer Kulavoor
Himani Mehta
Smita Baji
Shuklendu Baji
Karuna Kosambi
Mohini Thakare

Advisory Board members

Harshdeep Bhatia
Mangesh Pednekar
Prasad Bhide




BMC special education Department
Ms. Gargi Mhatre
Mr. Pratim Shankar - photographer
Mr. Aalok Mehta - CA
Locopopo Design Studio
Yes Bank Foundation

Ms. Reshma Katkul
Ms. Divya Joshi
Mr. Pushkaraj Khedekar
Ms. Madhugandha Bhingarikar
Ms. Fatima Borat
Ms. Komal Unavane





Sheth Tapidas & Tulsidas Vrajdas Charitable Trust

Mr. Sharad Bacchani

Shonan & Raoul Bajaj Family Trust

Endurance International Pvt Ltd

LASA Productions

Bharari Giryarohan Sanstha

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